Bank Details

Bank Details

Here are our bank details so that you can pay your registration fee, full course fee or fee instalments for one of our courses. You should check the ‘Fees and Booking’ or ‘Fees and Funding’ section of the relevant course page for further guidance.

For any payments, please send a check to Master Legacy LLC, 3400 SW 3rd Ave, Miami FL, 33145. If you want to do a wire transfer, please email us for those details.
Once you’ve made your payment don’t forget to send a copy of the payment confirmation to us at

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My goal is for aspiring producers, engineers and artists to learn by direct experience. To be thrown in the middle of actual professional recording sessions and learn by doing, is the most effective, honest and responsible way of acquiring the skills needed for a career in music. I aim to guide, educate and inspire the future generations of music professionals while staying fully involved and engaged in my work as a music producer for the most important and upcoming artists of the industry.

Julio Reyes Copello, Managing Director

You will never get a better opportunity to not only study in a beautiful studio but to be in a real scenario surrounded by the best in the music business. Get ready for what is coming for you, it will change your life.

Nicolás Ramírez, Lecturer

There is some real visionary foresight in Abbey Road Institute being established to preserve the cultural legacy of Abbey Road.

Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Killing Joke)

The curriculum is fantastic, extremely comprehensive, contemporary and relevant to today’s industry.

Andrea Mastroiacovo, London Graduate 2018

Applying for the diploma was the best thing I could have done for my career. I'm really amazed at how much I learnt in one year.

Lizzie Arnold, London Graduate 2019

The course taught me what it means to be a producer and engineer in the industry, I learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Marta Di Nozzi, London Graduate 2019