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PMC Dolby Atmos (Zero Gravity) Studio

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Welcome to our Miami campus

Our Miami campus is located inside one of the most relevant and modern recording studios available today; Art House Studios, where artists like Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Alejandro Sanz, Alessia Cara and others have recorded and produced some of their most famous hits. We have 8 different recording spaces, which include 2 full size stereo control room, 1 Dolby Atmos room, 1 live-room with recording options as well as 3 production suites and 1 writing room.

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What makes us unique

  • Located inside the renowned Art House

    Our students learn in a professional studio setting

  • A brand new Dolby Atmos Suite

    Facilities for recording, production and mixing

  • Learn from those at the forefront of the industry

    The entire staff is currently active and well known in the music industry

As a student with us, you’ll spend time learning, recording and developing your skills in our facilities as well as participating in recording workshops and masterclasses. These take place at different stages of your studies, depending on the courses you’re working on. Our facilities include 8 different studios, which include 2 full size stereo control room, 1 Dolby Atmos room, 1 live-room with recording options as well as 3 production suites and 1 writing room.

As a student, you will have access to the Institute’s facilities both as part of your timetabled teaching, as well as outside of classes for independently managed recording, production and mixing. Every student has access to a powerful computer workstation available before, during and after class.

You can start your project in the studio and continue recording, editing and mixing on the workstations in the classroom or in the Production Suites. Our studios feature a wide array of software and hardware allowing for various hybrid setups which are both practical and suitable for the modern-day audio production environment.

World Class Facility

Multiple Grammy Winning Recording space

Latest Tech with Dolby Atmos Studio

Learn Side By Side with Industry

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Job opportunities
Studying in Miami puts you at the heart of the Latin music industry, and arguably at the forefront of global music.

Music industry network
Your experience at Abbey Road Institute goes far beyond the technical skills and expertise you’ll gain with us. One of the most valuable things you can collect during your time with us is an enviable network of both staff, visiting industry experts and students alike. There are never ending possibilities that can come out of the relationships you create and build during your time at Abbey Road Institute Miami and support you in your career trajectory after your studies.

Multicultural experience
More than 60 different languages are spoken in Miami. Miami Beach is the largest collection of art deco architecture in the world.

The beach
World-class beaches (more than 15 in Miami alone), but Miami is not a beach city. It is a city on the beach.

Music Scene
Miami has a strong music scene which flourishes by its Latin influences. You can choose from hundreds of places to go out to, from art deco bars to speakeasies to the craziest clubs, with closing times at dawn.

  • #1 US City for Latin Music

  • 79 Degrees (F) Average Temperature

  • 15 Beaches in Miami alone

  • 60 Languages spoken in Miami alone

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We’d love to meet you to share what Abbey Road Institute has to offer and find out about your personal ambitions in the music industry. Our team are here and ready to speak with you, you can book a tour or call or join an open day to find out more about what we do and how to join us.

Abbey Road Institute Miami

3400 SW 3rd Ave, Miami FL 33145

Phone Number

(786) 391 3815

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 10 am – 6 pm

My goal is for aspiring producers, engineers and artists to learn by direct experience. To be thrown in the middle of actual professional recording sessions and learn by doing, is the most effective, honest and responsible way of acquiring the skills needed for a career in music. I aim to guide, educate and inspire the future generations of music professionals while staying fully involved and engaged in my work as a music producer for the most important and upcoming artists of the industry.

Julio Reyes Copello, Managing Director

You will never get a better opportunity to not only study in a beautiful studio but to be in a real scenario surrounded by the best in the music business. Get ready for what is coming for you, it will change your life.

Nicolás Ramírez, Lecturer

There is some real visionary foresight in Abbey Road Institute being established to preserve the cultural legacy of Abbey Road.

Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Killing Joke)

The curriculum is fantastic, extremely comprehensive, contemporary and relevant to today’s industry.

Andrea Mastroiacovo, London Graduate 2018

Applying for the diploma was the best thing I could have done for my career. I'm really amazed at how much I learnt in one year.

Lizzie Arnold, London Graduate 2019

The course taught me what it means to be a producer and engineer in the industry, I learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Marta Di Nozzi, London Graduate 2019