2023 Year In Review

By Julio Reyes Copello, our Campus Director:
I have witnessed the transformative and positive effect that music and art have on society. Art broadens the emotional repertoire of human beings, expands the limits of their cognitive universe, and acts as a highly effective catalyst for the most complex emotions. It helps to understand life episodes that do not have a satisfactory rational explanation, it’s a natural drug that lightens the weight of reality, and the best part, it has no side effects.

I’ve had teachers who inspired me with their sensitivity, knowledge, and discipline; they awakened an insatiable curiosity in me and made me a humble learner for the rest of my life. The more I learn, the more I am aware of all that I have yet to learn, and this appetite for knowledge, I believe, has made me a more sensitive, empathetic, and proactive person. Passing on this knowledge and positively transforming a human being, a society through music, is the DNA that resides in the educational model of the Art House Academy and the Abbey Road Institute in Miami. We adopt mentoring as the most honest channel to share everything we know and are determined to bridge the huge gap that exists between academia and reality by involving students in professional projects from day one. We are shaping a new generation of artists, producers, and engineers who have earnestly taken on the responsibility they hold in their hands to be messengers of beauty. We have been passionate about protecting and respecting their version of beauty and have helped them build independent, strong, and free thinking from the aesthetic expectations set by industry trends.

This year we have much to celebrate and be thankful for. Our first generation of artists and producers graduated in September 2022 and in just one year have made a significant impact on the music scene, culminating in a series of achievements and recognitions that we are very proud of.

In the latest version of the Latin Grammys, two of our graduated artists were nominated. Joaquina in the categories of Best Singer-Songwriter Album and Best New Artist, and Paola Guanche for Best New Artist. Joaquina won in the category of Best New Artist.

Meanwhile, Ela Taubert, Riza Godoy, Juliana Perez, and Teo Bok have grown exponentially in their audience and are consolidating a space for their message, their world, their version of beauty.

We are determined to continue creating artistic successes and not just marketing successes. We believe in good music as the preferred food of the spirit and hope to continue creating honest art that provides answers and helps celebrate the best version of human emotions.

Thank you to all who have supported us on this adventure. We wish you all a Happy New Year with all the best wishes for 2024!