Our Scholarship Winners

We’re excited to announce our scholarship winners, for our Pensado’s Place Scholarship as well as the Soundgirls Scholarship.

Pensado’s Place

Meet Kevin Aguirre, from Bogota Colombia. Kevin is a performer, producer and audio engineer who recently graduated from Berklee College of Music, from a double major in Contemporary Writing and Production, and Music Production and Engineering. In 2019, Kevin started an internship assisting Will Wells. Will trusted him with the role of Production Manager for Luis Figueroa, who opened Marc Anthony’s “Opus” tour. Kevin was featured during the Pensado’s Place show, and you can get to know him here:


Meet Luissette Guerrero or “La Lu”. Luissette is a singer-songwriter from Venezuela who started her career posting covers of songs on the internet. These covers got the attention of artists such as J. Balvin, Nicky Jam, Wisin, Tainy, Jessie Reyes and Majid Jordan. This “momentum” in her career allowed her to land opportunities within the Miami music scene, which has led her to be a recording artist for Melendi and Selena Gómez. She also worked with artists Danny Ocean, EZ Made The Beat, Christopher Velez from CNCO, M.Y.A., Sharo Towers, as well as songwriters like Andy Clay, Patrick Romantik, Edgar Barrera, Jorge Luis Chacin, Reggie el Autentico, Richy Peña, Johnny Atella, Mario Cáceres, and Silverio Lozada.

We are really excited to start our class next year with an amazing group of extremely talented songwriters and producers, aiming to take their skills to the next level.