Scholarships Announcement

We are excited to announce 2 full scholarships for our upcoming Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, which will start in January 2021. Details about each scholarship can be found below:

Pensado’s Place Scholarship

For our first scholarship ever, we partnered with Pensado’s Place, to create a scholarship for a deserving songwriter, producer, and/or engineer, that wants to study with us.

You can check the full announcement in this week’s episode.

The scholarship covers the full program tuition, and as a bonus, the winner will appear on the show, as Dave & Herb will track their progress throughout the program.

Click here to apply for this “once in a lifetime” scholarship.


Soundgirls Scholarship, sponsored by Leapwing

For our second scholarship, sponsored by Leapwing, we decide to collaborate with We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion, and this is what Natalia Ramírez, one of our instructors, said:

“I’m very excited Abbey Road Institute is finally coming to Miami. The program will start in January next year with a very select group of students that will be experiencing the studio life in a boutique setting that I had the immense opportunity to be a part of since the beginning. Art House Studios is basically home to me so it makes me really happy that the school has partnered with SoundGirls and Leapwing Audio to give an outstanding woman the opportunity to show her talents as an audio engineer while being surrounded by great people and beautiful music. This scholarship represents a life-changing stepping stone in equality and diversity in our industry. I’m definitely thrilled beyond words!”

Click on this link to apply for the Soundgirls Scholarship.