Visiting Bob Katz

Today, we’re excited to share a captivating experience we had recently at Digital Domain. Our group of enthusiastic students embarked on an incredible journey to Orlando to meet mastering engineer Bob Katz. What’s interesting about the trip is that Bob was the mentor of Robin Reumers, our Director of Education, so it was a full circle moment for them. Join us as we recount our educational adventure and the valuable insights we gained during our visit.

Discovering Digital Domain
Our students were welcomed with open arms, and the journey began with a warm introduction to the world of digital sound and its intricate processes. Bob Katz, a maestro in his field, guided us through the facility’s impressive setups, revealing the secrets behind the creation of breathtaking audio experiences:

Hands-On Learning
One of the most memorable aspects of our visit was the hands-on experience that awaited us. Bob Katz was incredibly patient and encouraging as he guided our students through interactive workshops. We were given the chance to experiment with various software and hardware tools in Studio B, and each of the students spent time with Bob in Studio A learning about the art and science of mastering.