Joaquina’s Special Recording Moment at Abbey Road Studios

Earlier this year, in May, a momentous event occurred at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London when our first cohort of graduates walked across the stage, signifying the end of their hard work and dedication. In order to celebrate this significant achievement and share the happiness with other schools located in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Johannesburg, Julio Reyes Copello, our Campus Director, who has won multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, performed a touching song composed by one of our graduates, Joaquina. The song was performed with great emotion and sincerity.

The atmosphere at Abbey Road Studios was genuinely magical as our first group of graduates celebrated their achievements. The building, and Studio Two in particular, has a rich musical history and added grandeur to the occasion. Julio and Joaquina’s performance was particularly notable. It demonstrated the special bond between the students and their mentors during their time at the school. Their sincere performance moved everyone in attendance and left a lasting impression on the graduates and their loved ones.

An Intimate Recording Session

The celebration didn’t end with the graduation ceremony and Julio’s and Joaquina’s performance. Julio Reyes Copello and Joaquina stayed in Studio Two, a space steeped in musical history, to record an intimate version of the emotional song. The song’s ethereal beauty was further enhanced by the enchanting strings that adorned it. A day after the graduation ceremony, a special workshop was conducted by Julio Reyes Copello and Abbey Road Studios engineer Marta Di Nozzi (also an ARI Alumna), in Studio Three. The workshop invited students from Amsterdam, Sydney, and Miami to witness the recording session of a 15-piece string orchestra.

The addition of the strings brought a captivating dimension to the song, elevating it to new heights of emotion and resonance. It was a remarkable experience for the students to observe the meticulous process of creating harmonious magic in the studio.

Julio Reyes recording in Studio 3 Abbey Road Studios

String orchestra recording at Abbey Road Studio 3 for Joaquina’s song ‘Los Mejores Años’


Lyrics: Joaquina’s ‘Los Mejores Años’

The heartwarming song and its captivating strings were not meant to be kept within the confines of Abbey Road Studios. To spread the joy and inspiration, the recording is made available on various streaming platforms:

For those of you interested in the song’s message, we have translated the lyrics to English below:

I’m only here because my friends are here
Honestly, this isn’t really my thing
I don’t really want to kiss a stranger
I hold up a girl’s hair in the bathroom

Who do I lie to?
It’s not that fun
Who do I believe in the midst of all this noise?

It’s not always
Maybe it’s just sometimes
That I feel lonelier surrounded by people

And I said I had friends
But I really only trust two
And more every day,
I feel the rest of them as acquaintances

And in 6 months they’re all moving away
To study business or be lawyers
I think it’s a little absurd
Does my whole future only depend on a college degree?

They say these are the best years

Overly-honest and a little arbitrary
Perfectionist since elementary
Sometimes I think too much about the future
I just wanna be able to look back and be proud

And I don’t want to face reality
Or find out that love isn’t like the movies

I don’t know when it’ll happen
But its scary
The thought of not being a girl anymore
and becoming a woman

And I said that I don’t really get my teenage years
Or have that much fun
But sometimes I wish that everything mattered a little less to me

And when you’re 17 it’s hard to think
Of so many people becoming strangers
I’ve never said it
But I can’t picture
life past 24

They say these are the best years

The Gift of Music

The graduation ceremony at Abbey Road Studios marked not just the end of an educational journey for the first cohort of graduates but also the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and dreams. The gift of music, woven with threads of passion and dedication, was shared not only among those present but with the world. Julio Reyes Copello and Joaquina’s collaboration symbolized the power of mentorship and the everlasting impact of education on young minds.

Special thank you to Abbey Road Studios and the Abbey Road Institute Global team for making this happen.