Latin Grammys Producer of the Year – Julio Reyes Copello

We are incredibly grateful for the news that our Campus Director, Julio Reyes Copello, won this year’s Latin Grammy for Producer of the Year.

Producer of the Year

Julio Reyes Copello is a well-respected producer in the Latin music industry, known for his ability to create hit songs that resonate with audiences worldwide. At the recent Latin Grammys, he was awarded the Producer of the Year award, recognizing his outstanding skill and creativity in producing albums and songs that significantly impacted the Latin music scene. This award is a prestigious honour and highlights his achievements in the industry and his talent in bringing to the table albums and songs that are not only catchy and well-produced but also meaningful and engaging.

Music Director

Besides winning this important Latin Grammy, Julio also was the musical director for the show, which took place in Las Vegas on November 17th. Considering this was the first year of our programs here in Miami, combined with directing the music for the show and winning the most important Latin Grammy for a Producer, it has been a fantastic year for our team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about Julio receiving this well-deserved award.

Andres Recio and Julio Reyes Copello

Julio Reyes Copello and long-time friend and manager Andres Recio.

Watch the acceptance speech by Andres Recio, Julio’s manager and part of our faculty: on Instagram

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